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About Karen

Before launching Scarfone Cybersecurity, Karen Scarfone was a Senior Computer Scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), where she oversaw the development of system and network security publications for federal civilian agencies and the public. She holds bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science and a master's degree in technical writing, and she's worked in IT for 30 years. Karen has the combination of security and technical writing expertise to help you with virtually any project.



Scarfone Cybersecurity is dedicated to helping federal agencies, cybersecurity training providers, and other organizations communicate security information to external and internal audiences. Founded by Karen Scarfone, the company is based on the belief that security professionals will continue to fall behind attackers until we, as a security community, become more adept at communication.

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Content Writing

Writing is an iterative process that merges two difficult skills in the security realm: knowing what to say, and knowing how to say it. Karen strives to communicate your messages in a clear, accurate, and honest way. She only works on projects that she believes in. And she always looks for something new to say.

Karen can write (or ghost-write) white papers, articles, ebooks, technical standards, training courses, blog postings, corporate policies, and other materials for you on a wide variety of security topics.

Content Reviewing and Editing

Scarfone Cybersecurity provides an all-in-one service for technical and editorial reviews and edits. Karen will scope and prioritize her efforts based on your schedule and the desired level of effort to maximize the improvements in the publication. 

Because Karen is an expert in both cybersecurity and technical writing, she can handle all the necessary edits at once, ranging from reorganizing a publication or identifying technical errors and omissions to correcting errors in grammar and spelling or reformatting a Microsoft Word, Google Docs, LaTeX, or Markdown document.

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