Scarfone Cybersecurity

Scarfone Cybersecurity is dedicated to helping Federal agencies, media outlets, and other organizations communicate security information. Founded by Karen Scarfone, Scarfone Cybersecurity is based on the belief that security professionals will continue to fall behind attackers until we, as a security community, become more adept at communicating with each other. 

Scarfone Cybersecurity offers a range of services that can help you communicate your security ideas, products, standards, and recommendations to others through white papers, articles, technical standards, blog postings, corporate policies, and any other format you can imagine. Services include:
  • Writing. Writing is an iterative process that merges two difficult skills in the security realm: knowing what to say, and knowing how to say it. Karen strives to communicate your messages in a clear, accurate, and honest way. She only works on projects she believes in. And she always looks for something new to say and a new way to say it, instead of rehashing what's already been done.
  • Reviewing and editing. Scarfone Cybersecurity provides an all-in-one service for technical and editorial reviews and edits. Karen will scope and prioritize her efforts based on your schedule and the desired level of effort to maximize the improvements in the publication. Because Karen is an expert in both security and technical writing, she can handle all the necessary edits at once, ranging from reorganizing a publication or identifying technical errors and omissions to correcting errors in grammar, spelling, and formatting.
  • Coaching and mentoring. Scarfone Cybersecurity offers coaching and mentoring services for security authors of all skill and experience levels. The goal of coaching and mentoring is to help authors produce higher-quality publications more quickly and with less aggravation and stress. every author has a unique combination of areas that would most benefit from strengthening. Some authors need to focus on improving their organizational skills, while others should be more concerned about technical research and analysis. Novice authors may find it most valuable to have a crash course in identifying scope, purpose, and audience and developing outlines.

Karen Scarfone

When you engage with Scarfone Cybersecurity, you always work directly with Karen. She does not have employees or use subcontractors. Karen has the combination of security and technical writing expertise to help you with virtually any project.

Karen Scarfone has worked in IT for nearly 25 years, with almost 20 years of that dedicated to information security and security publication development. Before forming Scarfone Cybersecurity, Karen was a Senior Computer Scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), where she oversaw the development of dozens of system and network security publications for federal civilian agencies and the public. For her body of work of cybersecurity publications, Karen was named a Fed 100 winner, and the US Department of Commerce awarded her a Bronze Medal and a Gold Medal. In addition to her federal publications, she has also co-authored two books and contributed to several others.

Karen has a unique combination of skills: technical, writing, and consulting. She has several years' experience in federal and commercial consulting for firms such as Booz Allen Hamilton and EDS. She holds bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science, and a master's degree in technical writing. Karen also has several years of operational experience, which gives her a well-grounded understanding of how the pieces of security truly work in enterprise environments.

Scarfone Cybersecurity is a woman-owned small business, ideally suited for partnering with other consulting firms to provide them and their clients with cybersecurity publication consulting services.

You can reach Scarfone Cybersecurity at karen [at] scarfonecybersecurity [dot] com or 703-401-1018.