Scarfone Cybersecurity is dedicated to helping information security companies, media companies, Federal agencies, and other organizations communicate their infosec messages to their constituents. Founded by Karen Scarfone, the company is based on the belief that security professionals will continue to fall behind attackers until we, as a security community, become more adept at communicating the necessary messages to each other. 

Scarfone Cybersecurity offers a range of services that can help you communicate your thought leadership to others. We can write cybersecurity publications, including white papers, articles, and books, for you and with you on a wide variety of topics. We can review and edit your publications to whatever extent is needed, everything from a quick proofread to an in-depth technical review to a complete rewrite. We can also provide mentoring and coaching for security authors who want to improve their publications and make the writing process a less painful experience. Don't let your busy schedule and hatred of the writing process stop you from getting your messages across to others.